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Katy Goulding
Position your brand to be a key element in the world's largest annual gathering of industry stakeholders
The SCAA Event draws the world's leading coffee professionals and companies-from CEO's and corporate leaders to specialized local and regional chains, start-up manufacturers and retailers, producers from around the globe representing every growing region and devoted, passionate individuals from every walk of life within the industry. If your company has connections to the coffee industry in any way, The SCAA Event is the best opportunity to maximize your investment and reach your target customer demographic.

Align your brand with the values our industry trusts

Partnering with the SCAA Event and being a leading presence at the show positions your company and brand to seamlessly integrate into the experience of the attendee. The excitement of the events and competitions, the substantial focus on quality and sustainable practices, the international connectivity of a global community-all of these emotional elements will develop a congruency with your brand that the attendee will continue to value long after the end of the show. Not only will your brand exposure lead to increased positive connections of quality, sustainability and professional development values that are core to the SCAA Event, those connections will be made with the right audience for your products and services. Our attendee base is made up of key business players across all facets of the industry, of whom over 75% either authorize or recommend purchasing decisions.

Face to face connections; digital amplification

The unique value equation a show like the SCAA Event offers partners is the opportunity to make face to face connections in a real-time environment. But does choosing a personal connection with your customer base mean giving up digital exposure? Not at the SCAA Event. Providing maximum value to our sponsors is first and foremost in our minds and our programs are developed to not only position the sponsor's brand at the show, but to extend those benefits to our significant digital community as well. Using technology such as device applications, customized social media campaigns, QR codes and embedding features we drive brand conversations past the show hall doors and into the houses of our digital attendee audience before, during and after the show.

Long standing partnerships directed by your needs

We are dedicated to fostering long term relationships with our partners. As a result, we extend a first right of refusal policy to all returning sponsors. Please note that there are two exceptions to this format, including SCAA's Official Host and Portrait Country categories, as these are selected from a formal bidding process.

Contact us today by emailing sponsorship@scaa.org. We have a sponsorship package that is exactly what you're looking for-even if it's not listed in the brochure. Our creative team of business development engineers are ready to craft a package that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.