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The Specialty Coffee Association of America is committed to reducing its environmental impact via both internal operations and external activities. In response to growing climate change concerns, the SCAA Sustainability Council has worked to develop a Sustainable Events Strategy aimed at providing useful strategies for implementing event greening initiatives for special events throughout the year. The strategy was designed to be in conformity with International Sustainable Event Management Standard, ISO 20121, and the APEX/ASTM Sustainable Meeting Standards.

The tabs below will walk you through SCAA's initiatives to make the annual Event more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We'll also share with you ways our convention center partners are contributing as well as how you, our members and Event partners, can also make a positive impact during your time at the show.

As a member of the Association, we value your feedback on our sustainable event efforts. We'd love to hear what you think! Send us your thoughts and input to events@scaa.org.