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Are you a producer, exporter or coffee roaster looking for a private and unique space to cup and sample your coffee? Then look no further than the SCAA Cupping Exchange at The Event! We understand that one of your main goals of attending the show is to have your coffee sampled. With a customized room designed for that purpose, you can effectively reach out to your potential customers with ease and professionalism. Renting a room at the cupping exchange keeps your activity close to the heart of The Event on the show floor, while avoiding expensive room rental fees and logistical issues when hosting your cupping event offsite. The room comes equipped with grinders, hot water towers, electrical, trays, cupping spoons, carafes and glassware. You supply the coffee and the people! Room rental is $600 for 90 minutes and is available beginning Thursday afternoon through Sunday 3 p.m.

Invite your potential customers to "Meet me at The Cupping Exchange" for an experience focused on building your coffee business!

Download the Cupping Exchange Form

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