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Ethiopia: Origin and Diversity

Ethiopia—the birthplace of coffee—presents diverse, complex and unique coffee varieties at The 27th Annual SCAA Event in Seattle, WA

Coffee is without a doubt Ethiopia's most famous gift to the world. Arabica coffee varieties and origins such as Sidama, Limu, Harar and Yirgacheffe are just a select few of the specialty varieties that have reached worldwide notoriety and established Ethiopia's position as the heart of coffee diversity.

Ethiopia holds the genetic keys to the Arabica coffee species and will showcase its coffee heritage this year in Seattle, the birthplace of specialty coffee culture. Ethiopia's diverse geography, ample rainfall, fertile soil, and ideal temperatures have led to the existence of nearly 4000 genetic varieties of Arabica coffee.

An increase in modern facilities and improved techniques have led to a wide range of cupping profiles, each measured and graded to meet rigorous international standards. As specialty coffee aficionados continue to seek innovation, sustainability and transparency, today's Ethiopian coffee sector has certifications and growing sophistication to satisfy the demands of discerning buyers.

A coffee adventure full of rich history and flavor awaits buyers and visitors wishing to engage with Ethiopian coffee. Come to The Event to experience the most unique and complete coffee profiles on the planet.

Learn more about Ethiopia at www.ethiopianfinecoffees.com