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The Specialty Coffee Association of America's BEST NEW PRODUCT COMPETITION recognizes new products judged on their quality and value to the specialty coffee and tea industry. Exhibitor Awards will be presented during the SCAA's 25th Annual Exposition. Judging will take place on the Expo floor April 12th, 13th, and 14th.

Products must have been introduced into the marketplace between May 1, 2012 and April 11, 2013 and must not have been exhibited, displayed, promoted or distributed at the 2012 SCAA Expo in Portland. At least one item must have shipped prior to April 11, 2013 for the product to be considered NEW in the marketplace. Products must be available to sample on the exhibit floor on Friday & Saturday.

The annual Roasters Choice Competition is held in conjunction with the SCAA Event and is designed to highlight the art and craft of coffee roasting. To compete in the challenge, members of the Roasters Guild must submit a roasted coffee. The coffees are vetted and the top 10 coffees are selected in advance of The Event. The coffees are then brewed and presented to exposition attendees to judge in a blind tasting. Please visit the Roasters Guild website for more information on submission guidelines as they are made available.

The USBC is an exciting competition used to encourage and recognize professional achievement in the art and skill of espresso beverage preparation and service. Watch as competing baristas move through a maze of judges and photographers, maintaining composure while preparing and serving 12 coffee beverages-one espresso, one cappuccino, and one signature drink of their own creation, for each of the four sensory judges in the space of 15 minutes. Baristas from across the country will compete in one of 6 regional competitions throughout 2012-2013 to qualify and vie for the title of 2013 United States Barista Champion.

Register to compete: www.usbaristachampionship.org

The USBC Brewers Cup is meant to recognize and celebrate the art of manual coffee brewing. The competition is presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the United States Barista Championship. Contestants are judged in two rounds of manual brewing with a score sheet that is a modified version of the SCAA cupping form. First, there is a tasting round in which all competitors brew the same coffee for a panel who will score based on taste alone. Those who advance to the final round will be challenged to brew and present their own coffee. The judges, who are licensed Q-Graders, will then score on taste and presentation. The winner will go on to Melbourne, Australia, to represent the U.S. in the 2013 World Brewers Cup Championship.

Registration moved to March 1st.

Recognizing that different taste preferences are found in coffee cultures around the world, the U.S. Cup Tasters Championship does not ask contestants to judge or identify coffee. Instead, participants in the competition tested their skills to discriminate between tastes in a "triangulation" format. Tasters receive eight sets of three-cups, or triangles, where two cups were identical and one was different. Competitors identify the one cup that is different, testing their ability to smell, taste, recall and concentrate on the task at hand against the clock. The competitor with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time is named the champion.


We are constantly working to refine and refresh our Event and all of its component pieces. This year we will renew our focus on The Roasters Choice presentation as we strive to build a collaborative effort between roasters and producers to highlight some of the very best coffees in the world. The Roasters Choice competition celebrates the skills and crafts of the coffee roaster. The roaster's ability to bring out the latent qualities of exceptional green coffees is at center stage, and we are excited to expand the program in order to engage more attendees with the program as well as create an atmosphere that promotes the craft of coffee roasting and demonstrates the potential in the relationship between roaster and producer. We will take this opportunity to completely rework our approach to the Coffees Of the Year (COTY) program to make it more accessible and rewarding for all of our coffee stakeholders. Look for a new and exciting version of COTY for Seattle 2014!